Contemporary Highland Cow Fine Art Limited Print by Tandy Pengelly

Highland cattle descend from the Hamitic Longhorn, which were brought to Britain by Neolithic farmers in the second millennium BC, as the cattle migrated northwards through Africa and Europe. Highland cattle were historically of great importance to the economy, with the cattle being raised for meat primarily and sold in England.

The 1885 herd book describes two distinct types of Highland cattle. One was the West Highland, or Kyloe, originating and living mostly in the Outer Hebrides, which had harsher conditions. These cattle tended to be smaller, to have black coats, and, due to their more rugged environment, to have long hair. These cattle were named due to the practice of relocating them. The kyles are narrow straits of water, and the cattle were driven across them to get to market.

The other type was the mainland; these tended to be larger because their pastures provided richer nutrients. They came in a range of colours, most frequently dun or red. These types have now been crossbred so that there is no distinct difference.

Since the early 20th century, the breeding stock has been exported to many parts of the world, especially Australia.

I loved painting this beautiful animal and bringing it to life with golds, reds, and rusty colours.

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Fine Art High-Quality Textured Paper.

Delivered in a protective postal art tube, ready for framing.

A3 Size 

Price: 54 Euros (plus Postage)