My Story: Contemporary and Abstract Expressionist Artist Tandy Pengelly

I enjoy living in a beautiful rural part of South West France, surrounded by stunning scenery, coastlines and wild animals. One of my greatest pleasures is hiking through the landscape, stopping, pausing and connecting with the beauty of Mother Nature.

I feel a deep connection between myself and Nature; therefore, it would only be natural for me, as an artist, to want to bring this beauty to life on canvas so that others can enjoy and share it with me.

Sometimes my work is literal when I want to bring the beauty of an animal to life, to see their Spirit behind their eyes.  And sometimes, I want the painting to be a relationship with the viewer, interpreted by them as they bring their perspective. My mixed media and abstract work are intuitive, with unpredictable combinations of colours and forms that evolve as the painting comes to life. But this process is also seen in my literal art, as I twist and turn in different directions with form and colours but permanently anchored to the Spirit of the animal.

We are all creative beings, but society does not value, nor promote this innate essence within us.


Art should inspire, uplift and create emotion within the viewer. I hope that my art helps people look deeper at the beauty of Mother Earth, and all the sentient beings, and want to protect and honour its beauty and life.

But also we should look behind the initial impact, and ‘see’ what is laying behind the story of the painting. Look at the layers of the possibilities and the reaction it evokes.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Art offers us so many opportunities to view our world from a different perspective.

My inspiration is really ‘life’. The life that is within each and everyone of us. That spark of Spirit that entwines us all with an ultimate equality. It shines within us all.

My Bio - Contemporary and Abstract Artist Tandy Pengelly


1992: Attended West Sussex University: BA Fine and Literature

1999: Completed BSc Psychology: Open University

2001: I began my journey of Yoga, Buddhist, and Shamanic Studies.

2003: London Institute City and Guilds: Teaching Art and Design - Adult Education.

2008: Australian Indigenous Cultural Studies: NSW Tafe.

2021: Art Gallery Owner Certificate Course: IAP Learning.

2022: MA Creative Writing: Teesside University

2023: Surface Pattern Design Professional Training: Make it in Design


2009: Regional Arts Exhibition, Gympie Queensland Australia

2015: Solo Exhibition, Cafe La Gare, Rouillac, Charente France

2021: Solo Exhibition, Abbey Royale, Celles sur Belle, Deux Sevres, France.

2022: Solo Exhibition, Abbey Royale, Celles sur Belle, Deux Sevres, France.

2022: Chosen as one of the top 15 International Abstract Artists in the Light Space and Time International Art Competition with Turbulence. 


2009: Won 1st Prize Gympie Regional Arts Competition.

2021: Semi-Finalist with 'Jonquille Joy'. International Art Competition 'In The Wild' held by The Artist Lounge.

2021: Finalist with 'Lost Wisdom'. International Art Competition held by The Artist Lounge.

2022: Awarded one of the top 15 artists and artworks in the International Abstract Art Competition with Light Space and Time.

2023: Awarded 'Mentioned Artist' in the International Figurative Art Competition with Light Space and Time.


2019: Published 'Breaking the Attention of Pain'. A book about the innate connection of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

2021: Featured in 'The Artist Lounge' Art Journal.

2021: Article in Le Courrier de l'ouest


2021: Launch of the Break Free and Create E-Course, looking at how to break create blocks and re-ignite our innate creativity.


2021: Saatchi Art International Gallery.

2021: Art Evince Gallery, London


Artists Statement: Contemporary and Abstract Artist Tandy Pengelly

After University, I was disheartened with the art industry and my creative voice and did not paint for many years. But that changed in 2007 when I once again found my way back to the canvas, and in 2009 I entered an Art Competition and won first prize for a vibrant seascape in a regional art competition in Queensland, Australia.

This certainly spurned me on to start to bring the creative part of my nature to life again and continue painting for the joy of painting, for myself and for my friends and family. But in 2015, I decided to move from part-time artist to professional artist and began the process of transition, which resulted in my first local solo exhibition in France.

The more that I honoured my inner voice of creativity, the more I noticed the deepening of my connection to my spirituality. The years spent teaching yoga and studying Buddhism and Shamanism has shown me the importance of honouring your authentic voice, and being true to that deep voice within you. The call of creativity.

My technique and style is a blend between Literal Art and Abstract Expressionism.  I use oils and mixed media, and my paintings are often highly textured, large, and vibrant. It is, however, always an expression of the Spiritual energy of Nature.

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”

Vincent Van Gogh

As creative beings we cannot ignore what is deep within each and every one of us.

My style is vibrant, intuitive and free flowing, where I often simply paint with my fingers, when I really feel the need to connect deeply to my subject matter, feeling the contours of the animals form. My seascapes are bright and abstract with free flowing strokes and blending. It is important for me to grow and evolve as an artist and not rest behind one comfortable technique.

I believe that art should inspire us to deepen our connection to the beauty of Nature and the expansive canvas of life. Awaken the senses and allow us to stop, pause and reconnect to all that surround us and is within us.

Professional Development

Although initially studying Art and Literature many years ago at the now West Sussex University, I believe that, like any profession ones needs to continue to learn, develop and evolve techniques. Therefore I have continued to study with different professional artists to learn new techniques and develop my skills as an artist. Over the years my craft has developed and my technique and style is a blend between Literal Art and Abstract Expressionism.  I use oils and mixed media, and my paintings are often highly textured, large and vibrant. It is however, always an expression of the Spiritual energy of Nature.

  • 2018: Floral Bowley
  • 2019: Roisin O’Farrell
  • 2020: Charla Maarschalk
  • 2020: Jean Haines
  • 2021: Ciara Gilmore
  • 2021: Paulette Insall
  • 2021: Tracey Verdugo
  • 2023: Surface Pattern Design Training

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Exhibtions and Creative Work

Exhibitions: Tandy Pengelly

2021 was an exciting year for me because I launched my new virtual Break Free and Create E-Course, to help creative souls find their innate creativity and break free from the constraints of self-doubt.

I also completed a successful month-long solo exhibition in September, at the beautiful Abbey in Celles sur Belle, Deux Sevres, France. This exhibition was to celebrate the 'Similarities within Diversity', and was a collection of my work. This allowed me to really see how my style had developed over the years.

In 2022 I returned to my third solo month-long exhibition and focused much more on my vibrant textured abstract work. This was very successful and allowed me to sell many pieces and take commissions. I certainly learnt the benefit of creating a much more cohesive body of work for exhibitions.

2023 has seen me once again return to some more contemporary work, and I am enjoying painting intuitively. I can certainly see my signature style throughout my work in the vibrant colours, brush strokes and texture, but I refuse to push myself into a 'single style box' art comes through me, and I let the creative process guide my way.


  • March 2021: Break Free and Create E-Course
  • September 2021: Solo Exhibtion 'Similaries in Diversity'.
Break Free and Create e-course with Tandy Pengelly
Solo Exhibtion by Contemporary Artist Tandy Pengelly