Create For You….Create For Others

Finding your flow in creativity requires us to be in the process of feeling in sync, connected, natural, powerful. Making practice time a priority, and is vital to get to the experience of skill building flow. We need to keep feeding our creative well and that means not just visiting art galleries, or immersing ourselves in Nature. But also to build a tribe that supports our goals and creative values.

Social Media and the Internet is a great way to connect with like minded people, other artists and finding your creative tribe. But is also can have a very negative influence on our moral and progression as authentic intuitive artists.

As am emerging artist we can easily get overwhelmed by the pressure to post something everyday. There are plenty of ‘Social Media Specialists’ who claim that we must be persistent and post, post post.

It took me a while but I’ve realized that I was falling into this trap and even creating constantly so I would have “something” to post on social media. I was actually dragging myself to the studio because I had to produce, and this often left me feeling feeling rushed, competitive, anxious. Feelings that are certainly not conducive to creativity.

But it may not stop there, soon you can get caught up in the ‘likes’ and the constant urge to be validated. One more like. One more comment. It offers a momentary satisfaction, but that is quickly replaced with feeling empty once again.

But one thing that I finally noticed that was having a huge impact on me, was that I was going from the joy of big canvases which I had always enjoyed, to producing smaller paintings, to get them finished quicker, to be able to post them.

I have spent a lot of time recently reflecting on these aspects and have begun to slowly untether myself from these self made shackles.

I don’t do art for other people. I don’t create to make others happy. I create because I want to – because it brings ME joy.

I realized that by pushing myself to churn out creations I was not honoring my creative cycles. The creative energy that ebbs and flows in us all.

Create for you, create because you must but create in your own time. Follow your flow.

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