Emotional Resilience and Creativity

As a yogini following a path of yoga, we learn very early on that accepting that everything changes helps us from getting stuck energetically and also helps us accept the inevitable periods of suffering in life. As an artist this concept rings true as well. I believe that our emotional resilience is directly related to how well we will do in our creative ventures.

Creativity is not just about talent. In fact the concept that artists are just born talented is a great dis service of hours of training and practice that they/we go through and commit to. It is also not just about learning techniques to improve our craft.

Wishing for more talent, chasing technique like a magpie, or working all the hours and never having downtime is not what will make a successful artistic entrepreneur (or in my view, successful at anything) .

What Irish Artist Roisin O’Farrell taught me is that growing and succeeding as an artist, is that it’s more about

  • Understanding ourselves better and what we want,
  • Developing an internal creative life as well as the skills to bring that out into the world
  • Developing our emotional resilience, which is our ability to adapt to stressful situations and change

And boy, do we have some change going on right now!

I am so grateful that the last two months have allowed me time to really reflect on all these points and find a deep clarity in where exactly I want to be and how I want to spend my time as an creative being.

. The silver lining of the lockdown is that it has given me the time to do it the justice that it deserved.

But really the timing couldn’t be better.

Whether serendipity or not. I am excited to have the privilege to work as an artist, and I have come to know myself that level deeper.

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