In Love With Life

After the months of Winter, then as Spring sprung we moved into confinement. Which meant that although I could walk up to a kilometre from home, I missed my hikes exploring the changing scenery that Spring brings. But today as we move into a new stage, away from the grip of the Virus, I feel like I’m emerging into a new season and am excited to explore things in a new and different way.

Ideas are emerging. My meditation practice is deeper. My heart is expanding. My body is unfolding from the confinement and releasing winter’s tension. And my spirit unfurling with hope and possibilities.

I know this new season will be long, life changing and enabling me to move deeper into my creative awareness. Readying me for the months where a different kind of harvest and abundance awaits. But right now, I’m savouring. Savouring that strange in-between feeling of having unlayered and unburdened during all those Winter months, and weeks of confinement, only to emerge with a real sense of freedom and uncomplicatedness that comes with being new again, yet with the wisdom of being middle-aged.

I’m excited to carefully weave these feelings and energies into what I do next, what I create next, and most importantly, how I’ll choose to BE next.

As a yogini artist following a path of yoga, and honouring my innate creativity, I live with the knowledge that everything changes. This helps me from getting stuck energetically and also helps me accept the inevitable periods of suffering in life.

But I choose…… To do what I love, simply. To live, simply. To go slower. To savour every moment.

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