Keep Your Creative Flow Moving

Being a professional artist has huge benefits but also it can be a tough job, keeping yourself motivated and on track. There are many things we can do as artists and creative beings, to safeguard mental health and strengthen the mind. One thing is to keep your energy moving. It’s incredibly important to channel your energy into positive activities and keep it flowing.
Energy is like water. When it’s not moving, it gets stagnant. The longer it stays stagnant, the more it becomes mucky and gross. When you start moving that energy, it improves your state of mind. It’s like when you go to a yoga class, or outside in nature form a invigorating hike. Think about how you feel before you go and then afterward. Before, your energy is sluggish. During yoga or hiking, you’re stretching out your entire nervous system, allowing the energy to flow smoothly through the body. As a result, you feel energetic and uplifted.

As artists we spend a lot of time alone in our studios, and it is vital that we keep our energy
energy moving. When my energy is moving, it’s easier to channel it to positive areas of my mind., and that is when I can really connect to my creativity. Like a giant round boulder, when it’s just sitting there, it’s hard to move it. But once it starts moving, it’s easier to direct and channel it.

There are many ways to focus on easy wins to keep your energy moving. Clean or organize different areas of your studio, or find creative inspiration from Nature, to get that stagnant energy flowing. Once energy is flowing, channel it into making a plan—whether it’s a financial plan for your business or a mental health plan to keep you motivated on your creative goals.

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