7 Days of Sketchbook Warm-Ups Course: 11 Lessons

This practical short course will guide you through 7 days of creativity-boosting warm-up exercises for your sketchbook. These are accessible and approachable ways to get 'in the zone' and re-discover your love of sketching. All you need is just 10 minutes a day and a few simple tools and materials such as a sketchbook, pen and pencil. The perfect way to fill your sketchbook!

Get your sketchbooks out, grab those pencils and let's get sketching

A week of fun warm-up exercises to help you re-discover your love of sketching

Fill your sketchbooks in just 10 minutes per day

This practical video course is suitable for beginners, those returning to art after a break or anyone wanting some quick techniques to fill their sketchbook pages.
The course will guide you through seven quick and easy creativity-boosting warm-up exercises for your sketchbook.

All you need is just 10 minutes a day and a few simple tools and materials such as a sketchbook, pencil and a few pens.

What is a sketchbook 'warm-up?'

A sketchbook warm-up is a simple exercise that you do in your sketchbook that serves as a way of warming up, getting in the creative zone and preparing you for longer or more detailed sketches and drawings.

These are usually quick to start and enable you to get used to your materials. If you were a pianist, it would be practising your scales before playing the full concert.

Using a sketchbook warm-up exercise every time you open your sketchbook is a great habit to get into, for helping you get in the zone quickly and make art you can be proud of. 

How does the course work?

Each day you will be sent a NEW video tutorial explaining a simple sketchbook exercise.

Login to the course portal, watch the daily video when it is released and then it's your turn to sketch. Each exercise will take just 5-10 minutes to complete.

By the end of the week you will have learned seven new techniquesfilled seven sketchbook pages and had a lot of fun along the way...

Some of our exercises:

Mark-Making and Materials Explorations

Day 1 and 2 provide an exploration of expressive mark-making and quick gestures in our sketchbooks. Using pencil on day 1 and pen (with a paint option) on day 2, these two exercises help you to loosen up and play with your materials.

Tap into the Left-Brain

The exercise for day four taps into the two different sides of the brain with a fun mirroring exercise. This also helps you to let go of perfection, yet focus on the present moment.

Fun Creativity Boosters

Two of the exercises are fun creative challenges. These ask you to think quickly on a set theme, explore simple doodling and find ways to come up with new ideas. These help you to tap into your creative brain.