Flower and Bumble Bee Painting by Tandy Pengelly

BUMBLEBEES, AMONG THE most important pollinators, are in trouble. Fuzzy and buzzy, they excel at spreading pollen and fertilizing many types of wild flora, as well as crucial agricultural crops like tomatoes, blueberries, and squash.

But their numbers are dropping. New research using a massive dataset found that the insects are far less common than they used to be; in North America, you are nearly 50 percent less likely to see a bumblebee in any given area than you were prior to 1974.

So this little oil painting was painted to celebrate the importance of these beautiful creatures in our lives. I feel that there will be more painted this year!

30cm by 30cm oil painting

Cotton Canvas Board

Textured vibrant application

Varnish and framed in a wooden neutral frame