Fuschia Painting by Artist Tandy Pengelly

As with most other flowers, fuchsias represent different symbols that make them unique. This flower indicates confiding love. So, generally, fuchsias are given as a way of expressing your trust in someone.

Fuchsia flowers are also associated with different myths. In the past, some people believed that this flower was sent as a warning for others. So, they would be left in front of homes as a form of protection. There are also tales that mention that fuchsia could be used to make fairies or women. Because of their outstretched petals that look like a skirt and their stamen that look like legs, it was thought that, with special actions, fuchsia could miraculously form humans and fairies.

The background is typical of my style of blended vibrant colours, giving a rich backdrop for the beauty of the Fuschia to come alive.



'Fairy's Dance'

90cm by 60cm Acrylic

Cotton Stretched Canvas

Varnished and framed in a neutral wooden frame

Price: SOLD


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