This online course is the perfect way to learn about colour and explore in your sketchbook.

This online course with Susan is the perfect way to learn about colour and explore in your sketchbook. From colour theory and creating your own colour wheel, to learning about watercolour paints, this online course will help you to find complete confidence with colour. This course is perfect for beginners to art and anyone looking to understand basic colour theory.

Gain confidence with colour...

A journey into exploring colour!

This course is all about understanding how colour works through basic colour theory, observing colour in the world around you and becoming confident using colour in your sketchbook and finished pieces of art.

The course is suitable for beginners (or those wanting to try out coloured materials for the first time) and contains six separate art tutorials on exploring colour in your sketchbooks.

This course is playful, informative, inspiring, will show you some new sketching techniques, boost your creativity and fill your sketchbook (or sheets of paper) with plenty of colour!

It will guide you through a basic understanding of colour theory before then providing a series of tutorials and exercises in your sketchbook to put into practice your new knowledge.

The tutorials and exercises demonstrate how we can observe colour in the world around us, they explore and explain watercolour paints (great for beginners to this medium!), invite you to create your own colour wheel and look at colours in photographs in more detail. All six of the colour tutorials have video lessons.

By completing this course you will:

  • gain a good understanding of colour theory 
  • learn how to mix colour like a pro!
  • produce your own colour wheel (mixed yourself!)
  • understand watercolour paint and how to use it
  • feel confident and comfortable with working in colour 
  • have colour swatches of all your watercolour paints as a reference
  • have a number of go-to exercises to play with colour
  • have pages of colour filling your sketchbooks
  • and just basically fall in love with using colour! 

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for:

  • beginners to art and creativity 
  • anyone that wants a better understanding of how colour works
  • those wanting an easy-to-understand tutorial on colour theory 
  • for 30-day sketchbook challengers (whether you finished or not!)
  • those that want a little inspiration and some new art exercises
  • for anyone that wants a really exciting way to boost their understanding of colour 
  • For anyone that wants pages of colour filling their sketchbooks!