Golden Thread by Atmospheric Contemporary Artist Tandy Pengelly

Golden Thread by Atmospheric Contemporary Artist Tandy Pengelly

This large acrylic atmospheric contemporary painting accurately reflects my signature style. The vibrant colours and brushstrokes, on a rich atmospheric background, with detailed fine art in the foreground.

My paintings are usually based on nature, and I try to capture nature's beautiful vibrancy in an often dreamlike state.

As an intuitive artist, I prepare the canvas by creating the colour palette I wish to explore and then creating an atmospheric background. Then I let the painting sit until I decide what to create. I have it in my studio for days, weeks or months until the painting calls to me to bring it to life.

I created the background for this painting at the beginning of this year. Then as we moved into Spring, I noticed all the blossoms appearing on the narly leafless branches around me and in my garden. This waking up of Nature, with the promise of the blossoming Summer of bloom and colour ahead of us. Creating a Golden Thread of life running through Nature. Then the painting came to life also.


100cm by 50cm Acrylic

Cotton Stretched Canvas

Textured vibrant application

Thick canvas with painted edges, best without a frame

Varnish and ready to hang

Price: SOLD