Atmospheric Skies and Sea Art by Tandy Pengelly

Highly textured colourful acrylic contemporary sunset painting.
Part of the 'Shamanic Earth' Sunset Collection:
This vibrant, textured series is based on the shamanic concept that our world has different dimensions. We have the physical world and the energetic and spirit world. These different levels can be experienced when we create a deep meditative state.
'Is it burning' reflects a vision of our world just beyond our grasp. An energy within the colours, the sky, and the earth draws us into the heart of the painting and allows us to feel the rhythm of the Earth.
It is vibrant and dynamic which offers energy to any your home or office.

60cm by 80cm by 3cm abstract textured acrylic painting

Stretched Cotton Canvas 

Textured vibrant application

Varnish and protected

Designed to hang without a frame.

Signed with Certificate of Authenticity


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