SOLD: Abstract Art by Tandy Pengelly

'The Peaks of Passion' is an abstract piece that is inspired by the energy of colour and how passionate colours create energy within us that activates certain emotions within us.

From the start of the rainbow, red remains one of the most evocative colours on the visible spectrum. True to its nature as the most intense primary colour, the origin of red’s name is something of a mystery. While the term first used to describe red was the Proto-Indo-European word reudh-, the truth is that the word “red” is something of a linguistic artefact.

No one is certain how this word came to be; as such, red remains a link between us and ancient history. True enough, it seems that red has been a staple since the dawn of time. Ancient Egypt proclaimed red, a colour of life and celebration (as well as, notably, destruction and evil), while the Byzantines wore it in their clothing as a status symbol. Regardless of time and place, one thing is clear: the meaning of red is highly intense and passionate.


50cm by 50cm by 3cm abstract acrylic framed painting

Stretched Cotton Canvas 

Textured vibrant application

Varnish and protected

Signed with Certificate of Authenticity

Price: SOLD