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An exciting Break Free and Create, six week interactive online course with artist Tandy Pengelly, is designed to break through the creative blocks and release your authentic artistic inner voice. We will discover the reasons behind why we feel that we cannot create and why we self sabotage with false beliefs about our ability to create which suppress our natural desire to create.

Looking at the connection of creativity and spirituality, whilst also honouring the concept of finding meaning behind what we make and create. Here we will also look at the difference between emotional and creative blocks and learn coping strategies for when they show up.

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Creativity for the Soul by Tandy Pengelly

We will also develop an action plan to work with the anxiety behind the creative process and how we can move past our resistances, and show up with authenticity.

This course is designed to help you move from a fixed mindset around creativity to a growth mindset, and free your innate creativity, to create with authenticity and innate joy.

Enrol before the end of 2021 and get a free creative coaching call with me.

If you are creating less often, avoiding your creative work, finding that inspiration is rare, or feeling negative and anxious when you do create, then you are in the right place. This training program is designed for all creative people...so that is everyone because we are all innately creative. We just need to break free from what is blocking that spiritual connection to shine and create from our own authentic inner voice. Creative anxiety is one of the most common problems among professionals and amateur creatives, and it does not always ebb and flow in the same way as general anxiety might. This means that in order to resolve these issues, we need to take a detailed deep look at our anxiety-based behaviors, to stop the cycle in its tracks., and create a life that reflects our true nature and honors our inner voice.

Break Free and Create online course with Tandy Pengelly

What is included in this training?

  • Six weeks training, with daily challenges and tasks
  • Learning the importance of Journaling
  • Meditation for creativity and abundance
  • Videos and podcasts
  • Yoga for creativity videos
  • Affirmation work
  • Self care prompts and exercises
  • Understanding the connection of Creativity and Spirituality
  • Working with emotional and creative blocks
  • Understanding anxiety and creativity
  • Learning to be vulnerable and brave
  • Facebook support group
  • Q and A Zoom sessions with Tandy
  • Learn to break through the creative restraints of our restrictive 'Comfort Zone's
  • Tools to let go of self sabotaging beliefs and blocks to creative abundance

Course Price:

Our Break Free and Create Interactive Online Course is priced at:

  • One off payment of: 156 euros
  • Two payments of 84 euros
Break Free and Create online course with Tandy Pengelly

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