Heart to Heart - Contemporary Figurative Art by Tandy Pengelly

Heart to Heart symbolizes the profound spiritual connection between the human essence and the universal connective energy that permeates all existence. This artistic expression transcends mere representation, reaching into the realm where body and soul merge with the natural world. By capturing the unadorned human form amidst the raw beauty of nature, the artwork echoes the timeless dialogue between woman and the cosmos.

This interplay highlights our intrinsic unity with the universe, illustrating how our bare existence is intertwined with the earth, the sky, and the elemental forces. Such paintings serve as a visual meditation, inviting viewers to reflect on our place within the grand tapestry of life, reminding us of our shared origins and destiny within the vast, interconnected energy web of the universe.

This painting celebrates our fundamental oneness with nature, encouraging a deeper understanding and respect for the sacred bond that links every living being to the cosmos.

  • Textured acrylic painting
  • Framed in a solid wood varnished frame
  • 90cm by 50cms
  • Certificate of Authenticity


Price: 454 Euros (plus Postage)