Let Me Eat in Peace - Contemporary Hare Art by Tandy Pengelly

In the Aesopic fable of "The Hares and the Frogs"  the hares become frightened by the sound of falling fruit and the wind in the leaves;  they call a meeting in which they come to the conclusion that their lives are so perpetually under threat that they may as well fling themselves into the river. As they are dashing towards it, however, they disturb the frogs on the bank who all leap into the water. Seeing this, a more thoughtful hare calls off the decision to kill themselves; if there are some creatures who can be frightened by hares, then their own lot cannot be as bad as they imagined. From this tale, Wise and Watchful unfolded. My wise hare, although timid, also knows when to hide and when to fight to defend. He is at home in the camouflage of the wild grasses and flowers.

  • Textured acrylic painting
  • Framed in a solid wood varnished frame
  • 60cm by 50cms
  • Certificate of Authenticity