Bambi Eyes

Deer do not make nests or dens. They find a safe and comfortable place to rest under low hanging evergreen branches. They stay close to where they can find food. In summer, they eat grasses, plants and weeds. In the fall, they like mushrooms and small branches. They do not store their food for the winter. If the snow is not deep, they use their hooves to uncover moss and leaves. If the snow is deep, they eat twigs and branches. The young doe usually has one or two fawns in the spring. The fawn is precocial, and can stand immediately after birth, but is weak. They have a tender beauty that I try to capture in my paintings.

Each deer painting that I paint, I try to bring out their different character traits to show the resilience of this breed. This little deer offers us a sense of alert naivety, as she watchfully enjoys her food, but ready to take flight at anytime.

70cm by 60cm Mixed Media

Cotton stretched canvas

Varnished and protected

Wooden neutral frame ready to hang

Price: 345 euros