Creativity and Spirituality

Are aspects of spirituality and our creative potential inter-related?

Spirituality manifests itself through many variations of life. Spirituality is an understanding that life expands from a certain level of going inward, that one knows there exists something from which we came and will one day return to. This understanding brings with it a sense of calm but also a level of excitement. It brings a wonder and a mystery at the same time. It is far move evolved than the limitations of our five physical senses. Spirituality is a personal relationship with one’s self in relationship to something far greater, and uplifting. It offers us guidance and a foundation from where we can re-connect with our specialness, our inner light and our deep knowing. Spirituality is an ongoing journey and learning experience from the inside out. It can bring deep joy and happiness in the present moment, and help us let go of the energetic pull of the past and future.

What is the connection to Creativity?

Creativity is the action and ability to give tangible form to an idea, impulse or intuition. It can be a brand new idea, or it can be an extension of something that already exists. Creativity can change the context of something in a new and innovating way. It begins within us, in a place of expression. We need to find the spark within before we can express externally. It starts out as all things do, as an energy, a thought, it starts out as a non physical thing. This non physical energy is spiritual. It comes to us from the infinite source of supply. Some call this Source, Atman, Universal Energy, God, some call it the divine.

Creativity’s desire is your desire and need of physical expression, and energetic expansion. It is limitless and can be seen all many forms of expression.

What is our Creative Human Potential?

It is the certainty and capacity for one’s creative and imaginative intentions coming into physical being. When connected to the Source, our inner Spirituality, our Creative Human Potential is limitless. As soon as we tap into our direct and free flowing connection to Source, to work in harmony with the Universal Energy then our Creative Flow is limitless. We create with abundance. But when we are not inharmonious expression, when we are in discord, then the opposite happens. When we are working against our natural potential and create resistance, then we meet resistance. What we express internally, then so shall we experience externally. We mirror our existence. Negative will attract negative, and a fixed, closed mindset will create a static fixed existence and expression.

These concepts play a role in the shaping of our reality as we know it. Our thoughts affect our bodies just as they affect our physical world. Through creativity we find happiness, joy and laughter. When I paint I am completely in the present moment. Finding my expression by really connection to within. I am not distracted by thoughts and restrictive beliefs. I am simply being me in my full expression. That is the joy of creativity and that is the joy of connecting to the person who observes the thoughts, and finds the space and silence between them.